CSS Foundation

Core DNN CSS Foundation

Having a solid understanding of the CSS foundation in DNN will help to speed up the process of building and troubleshooting for DNN websites. The following are common CSS selectors that can be used in module and skin development.

CSS Selector Description & Usage
.dnnForm use as wrapper to allow form elements to inherit from jQuery CSS scope
.dnnFormItem similar to a table row, .dnnFormItem allows to separate a row of form items. It is often being used to wrap a label and a input (or label and group of inputs)
.dnnLeft float elements to the left
.dnnRight float elements to the right
.dnnClear clear fix for floating elements
.dnnPrimaryAction used to display button as a primary action (used with hyperlink by itself or within a list item)
.dnnSecondaryAction display a link as secondary action